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Balinese are master craftsmen, and their majestic works adorn major junctions in Denpasar-Kuta. Mythical Hindu heroes are the faves, such as this one ...

... and this one, Bima, one of the Five Pandawas (from Mahabharata tales).

A street in Ubud, centre of Bali's craftmanship: painting, sculpture, masonry, fabrics, etc.

Somewhere near Ubud, a pura is busy preparing for cremation ...

... with the wooden receptacle for the corpse being constructed nearby. The whole thing (+ dead body) would be burned.

We visit a traditional Balinese home, where a walled compound contains small houses for various purposes.

This is the centre of the compound, where family members congregate and where visitors are entertained. Also the place where any dead family member is placed before cremation, which can take days.

The family pura, entry only for family members. Forbidden to enter, I stand at the entrance.

That house is the parents' dwelling. Kids have their own house to the right.

Old-ish kitchen to the right, and kids' house over there.

Foreigners with rented Harleys.

Entering downtown Kuta.

Another sunset at Kuta Beach.

Suprisingly Bali has a wine industry. Tropical wine?

Major rehabilitation work at Kuta Beach ...

... so that it remains as pretty as this.

A pendeta walks past his pura at Kuta Beach ...

... which is undergoing a major facelift.

Master craftsman at work.

Newly-done facade.

Just the spot for a self-potrait.

Late morning and Kuta Beach activities picking up ...

... but this pendeta and his followers are not bothered. Balinese profess Hindu Dharma, said to be a pure form of Hinduism brought here more than 1000 yrs ago, also most likely my forefathers' faith in the not-to-distant past.

A traditional catamaran awaits visitors.

Our final beach walk.

Hi-tech at work, one dish per bank. Indonesia is very dependent on satellites.

Nearby, an ominous religious site.

Tucked in the hustle-bustle of Kuta, a cremation ground.

Construction site, and a pile of black earth, typical of volcanic origin.

Time to leave Bali, and we are at Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Which has the prettiest toilet I've ever seen.

Yes, real plants and real aquaria with real fish. Col. Ngurah Rai would have approved.

Aboard AirAsia AK901 (9M-AFI), and outside two Indonesian Air Force Fokker 28-1000.

Taxiing to the western end of runway which juts out into the sea, and one final look at Kuta Beach.

Ascending above Jimbaran ...

... and remember Nusa Dua, with the two 'islands'?

A tight left turn and we are above Denpasar.

Heavy clouds above Bali, but I spot the top of Mt Batur, and hey, that's Mt Agung to the far right, which has eluded me so far!

We land at KLIA some 20min ahead of schedule which is very good of AirAsia. :-)

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