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Afternoon, 23rd August 2007. After a hearty nasi padang meal near the airport we proceed to travel south. At a major junction at the eastern end of the runway, there is an imposing statue.

This is young Col. Ngurah Rai, who at just 29 yrs, led the final Balinese resistance (of 96 men) against the mighty Dutch force on 20th Nov 1946. The battle killed them all (including Ngurah Rai) and about 400 Dutch soldiers, which signalled the total occupancy of Bali by the Dutch. All 96 dead were deemed Indonesian heroes ... whence the name Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Just south of the airport, blue sky and blue van at Jimbaran.

The way into Nusa Dua, a complex comprising high-end hotels and resorts. Heavy security at the entrance.

Once inside, the whole breezy place is shaded with trees, just the place for a body massage.

Nearby a roll-call of the tenants. We are on the east coast of the southern tip of Bali. Note the two 'nusa' or 'islands' jutting out. For better orientation please see map HERE.

The lagoon between the two nusas is calm and shallow.

It's filled with corals, and further out, waves break over the reefs.

We leave the lagoon and find our way to the smaller of the two nusas - Nusa Dharma.

The southern tip of Bali, south of the airport, is limestone country. It's infertile and arid compared to the volcanic north.

Along the way, a deity given offerings.

And we stumble upon a pura.

The pendeta invites us over ...

... to show the centrepiece of his pura.

Note the symbols of the major faiths: Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam. It's for everybody, this pura, he proclaims.

A plaque acknowledges the founders. Note the Balinese names, indicating caste, order of birth, and gender. For tips on Balinese names, click HERE.

Lack of rain has made this place brown.

From the nusa, a view towards the beach at the lagoon ...

... full of corals, right to other nusa.

Interesting palm-like plants clinging to the parched cliff.

Powerful waves pound reefs ...

... at the opening of the lagoon between the two nusas.

Before the sun sets, we have another agendum, to visit the cliff-top pura of Uluwatu, which is 30km away on the other side of Bali's southern tip. As we say bye-bye to Nusa Dua, a huge balloon prepares for a flight.

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